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a sign that says be careful who you receive information from make sure you understand the motive when you get it
Now this is some TRUE SHIT. Being a product of the spreading of False Truth. The only woman that captivated my heart and soul believes I'm dishonest and unfaithful. Thanks to a real life bitch boy Greg H. We're never forever capable of being together now. Live and Learn.
an image of some african men with their arms around each other and the caption that says
Ubuntu in Certain Regions of South Africa When Someone Does Something Wrong He Is Taken to the Center of the Village and Surrounded by His Tribe for Two Days While They Speak of All the Good He Has Done They Believe Each Person Is Good Yet Sometimes We Make Mistakes Which Is Really a Cry for Help They Unite in This Ritual to Encourage the Person to Reconnect With His True Nature the Belief Is That Unity and Affirmation Have More Power to Change Behavior Than Shame and Punishment This Is Known as Ubuntu Humanity Towards Others a Beautiful Ritual Indeed! Ubuntu! I Forgive You 🙏 | Africa Meme on ME.ME