Granny square blanket

Solid color Granny square blanket with neon trim. Love the grey color with neon pink trim!

Crochet stitches

艺术 GALA手工 生活 钩针 钩花 Translations: Yìshù GALA shǒugōng shēnghuó gōuzhēn gōu huā GALA handmade crochet crochet art of living

Whitework embroidery (Mountmellick embroidery)

Mountmellick embroidery featuring blackberry fruit and leaves inspired by nature "Mountmellick embroidery uses floral motifs and heavily knotted and padded stitches. of Mountmellick.oak, blackberry, dog rose, and ivy.

Free Unique Crochet Flower Pattern

Leanda's crochet chair pad: Mollie flowers design by Brigitte Read, free tutorial on Ravelry.I really want to try this - it's so pretty!

crochet poncho

crochet poncho for purchase on Etsy - inspiration to create a free-form poncho/cape)

Crochet DROPS poncho with hood in ”Polaris”. Size: S - XXXL.

Raffinement - Crochet DROPS poncho with hood in 1 thread ”Polaris” or 2 threads "Cloud". Size: S - XXXL. - Free pattern by DROPS Design