what a fun idea to paint the sides of desk drawers!

the power of spray paint

Mesa de castaño decorada con pintura amarilla y papel pintado

not yellow and different inside pattern but cool idea. maybe turquoise chalk paint with floral girly pattern inside.

Si estás pensando en cambiar el color de tus paredes, esta idea es perfecta para darle un toque diferente...http://bit.ly/1aH3nmj #decoracion #decoraciondeinteriores #1001consejos G+

(DIY Decor) Grass Broom Textured Walls This makes me think of many different things that can be used for this purpose. Like this idea a lot. It could be done on only one wall for a pop of design.

DIY Leather Belt Shelves Beautiful DIY Shelving Made Easy

Beautiful DIY Shelving Made Easy

DIY - Recycled Leather & Wood Shelf on Design Sponge. Love the use of old belts and wood! So fun!

Romero Britto. My Cow 2006 30" x 40" Mixed Media giclee on canvas, edition of 60, hand embellished by Romero Britto.

Limited Edition Fine Art Print by the Brazilian Artist Romero Britto - Paris Art Web

Con telas e imaginación se pueden rediseñar muebles, paredes y decorar distintos objetos para la casa....

Decora muebles y accesorios con telas

fabric adhered with mod pog and sprayed over with clear coat-- I don't think I'd use this on a dresser, BUT what a great idea to incorporate into one of the doll house designs! Use fabric and modpodge for the "wallpaper" in the DIY doll house!

50 Soluciones prácticas y tips económicos para el hogar b

Storing Paint Cans ~ Puncture and drain the can rim. Use a small nail to drive four holes in the rim of the paint can. Let the paint drain back into the can and seal the lid with a block of wood and a hammer. Store the can upside down.