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Can U Bear To Sea It by Ben Davidson The concept for this piece was created during a 7-day boat tour into Great Bear Rainforest, home to spirit bears, whales, wolf packs, grizzlies and many other creatures. The piece itself shows a salmon trout head on the bottom, symbolized by the ovoid under the whale tail.
Vicent Van Gogh
Autumn sunrise lights up Mt Baker in the North Cascades National Park of Washington State by Timothy Chandonnet
Tiger tattoo design.
Stary Traktorzysta (2010), Jarosław Jaśnikowski
Quand le Coeur parle...jolie petit feu de lanterne / #GIF
Álbum de recortes : Foto
#misfits the inspiration for #Metallica and others -- I was able to belt out Die Die My Darling when I auditioned for a heavy metal band and was dragged at karaoke I belted this out and I had Metallica's old school vocals doings so.  #Danzig's first band and pulled this out for @dietrichthrall  as he played with Doyle.  Way to go man -- hope you can keep up with him.