deco tablas skate taburetes Deco skate con tablas recicladas

Deco-skate con tablas recicladas

Pasta relieve. 1/4 taza de maicena 1 cucharada de cola blanca ( pegamento escolar) 1 cucharada de pintura de acrílica blanco, Un poco de agua

Art Tutorial - Homemade Embossing/Texture Paste Recipe & Tutorial cup Cornstarch 1 Tablespoon PVA glue (white all-purpose school glue) 1 Tablespoon White Acrylic Paint (Craft paint) Some water

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is a really great DIY site. This article is about making your home more energy efficient DIY style - but there's tons of stuff. Built in book cases, DIY furniture - everything.

13 Manualidades de Árbol de Navidad

DIY:tree christmas driftwood and paper or ribbon tree decorations for rustic , beach , contemporary decor themes also an easy gift for kids to make in craft club or school for parents

Paper Wreath: This is an amazing way to make use of the toilet paper tubes that keep piling up around the house. Heidi Kundin of the blog Mom's Crafty Space said each wreath took between 12 and 15 toilet paper rolls to make. She says she started with a piece of cardboard as a template, but once she started making the wreaths, it was really easy. Somehow, I don't think mine would look nearly as pretty!

Paper Wreath

Toilet paper roll art The How-To Gal Does Turqoise TP Art Toilet Paper Art Wall Picture papírgurigákból toliet paper roll art . Faux Metal Wall Art The Art of the Toilet Paper Roll Toilet Paper Roll Art Paper Towel .

"Extrusion," a mosaic by Donja. Slate, washers, smalti on marine ply base.

love the contrast of rough stone and smooth glass "Extrusion" a mosaic by Donja. Slate, washers, smalti on marine ply base.