Clara Vaccari

Clara Vaccari

Soy una persona que respira. Si, parece increíble. Todos los días, además.
Clara Vaccari
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Thanks guys!>> yeah I love all of you every single person in my family thinks I'm crazy but you guys understand thank you

Myth Vs. Reality

Just for fun Myth Vs. I'll let the kids tell me if they think it's a Myth or Fact and why, then I'll tell them the real answer. (My have to change a few of them for the younger groups)

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All the Batman & Catwoman you want "before DC fucked up Selina Kyle"*. Run by Jen This is an intersectional feminist space .

I've read a few of these all of which I have found memorable. Would be good to read some of the others.

Books I wanna read off the list: * 1984 * Brave New World * Slaughterhouse Five * Fahrenheit 451 * Lord Of The Flies * The Picture Of Dorian Gray * Animal Farm * * Enders Game