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Planta del mate

Los 10 mandamientos de un buen Mate Argentino.the 10 amendments of a good Argentinian Mate :)

Mate Cups, algarrobo wood & sterling silver. As described by Mediterranee Antiques:    Pair of vintage mate cups made out of algarrobo wood, with bombillas (straws) from northwest Argentina. The cups are still used in the Latin American morning ritual of mate tea. To brew the tea, mate leaves are packed into the cup, hot water is added continually and the tea is sipped through the straw bombilla.  Dimensions: 5.5"H x 2.25"Dia; 5"H x 2.5"Dia  $629

Mates en madera de algarrrobo y plata de ley, noroeste de Argentina. (Pair of vintage Mate Cups made out of algarrobo wood & sterling silver, with bombillas (straws) from northwest Argentina.

Los Beneficios Del Mate - Taringa!

Los Beneficios Del Mate

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Organic Yerba mate tea has many health benefits. In South America, it is referred as "The Drink of the Gods.

Set de Mate En Simil Cuero Negro

Yerba mate gourd can be made from various materials and is available in different sizes and shapes. See our guide and find one suitable for you.