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four pictures of the inside of a building with paintings on the walls and in chairs
Colour Autochromes of the Alexander Palace in 1917 Presented in Kazan
an old photo of the interior of a building with peeling paint on the walls and floor
Catherine Palace and the Looted Amber Room Mystery – Sand In My Suitcase
the inside and outside of a building that has been torn down in two different ways
Sergey Larenkov: then and now
an old black and white photo of a messy room
A ransacked room in the Tsar's Winter Palace, Petrograd , after...
an old black and white photo of two rooms
Londoner newspaper reporting the sacked that the Bolsheviks made in the Winter palace during revolution time.
before and after restoration of an old mansion
ROPSHA PALACE – The Romanov Family
an old building with many windows in the middle of trees and bushes on either side of it
Best Castles Near Paris | World In Paris
Best Castles Near Paris – World In Paris
an old house with many windows and lots of trees
"Meet Me in St. Louis:" The Victorian on Kensington Avenue
a living room filled with furniture and a piano
Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)
an ornately decorated room with blue walls and gold trimmings is shown in this painting
Neo-Gothic style living-room project, watercolour, c.1836. Neo-gothic style permeated everything from furniture, to mirrors, to the mantelpiece