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a painting of a tall building in the middle of a field with other buildings behind it
Arnau Alemany was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1948. He studied at the prestigious Massana School of Art of Barcelona, from which he graduated with honors. Alemany is Spain’s foremost painter of surrealistic environments and industrialized cities of the past/future,
a painting of a demon with horns and rings on his head, holding two hands up in the air
Katrin Moondaughter on X
Katrin Moondaughter on Twitter: "The Reaching Moon" / Twitter
an artistic drawing of a bird with many colors on it's body and wings
Mansion Monsters, V. Gagnon
ArtStation - Mansion Monsters, V. Gagnon
an image of a group of people laying on the ground in front of a giant spider
Metamorphosis in art From BBC Metamorphosis documentary
Fantasy Characters, Fantasy Artwork, Horror, Swag, Dark Fantasy
a painting of a nun holding a flask in front of two vases on a table
a black and white drawing of a soldier
Vampire Hunter., Jonny Gray
a black and white drawing of a man in a top hat holding two keys,
Vampire Hunter., Jonny Gray
Vampire Hunter., Jonny Gray on ArtStation at
a drawing of a giant robot with chains on it
Space, Gore And Dinosaurs
a woman is holding a large leopard in her arms and posing with it's body
No You Shut Up
an image of a demonic demon on the cover of a book with words written in japanese
Lesser Demon
a card with a skeleton on it and the words, heart of the maestrom