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Printable Kids Valentine's Candy Huggers. Download Today!

Maracas con cucharas plásticas, un huevo plástico, cinta adhesiva y algo que poner dentro jaja.

Interesting Things To Do With Plastic Spoons & Forks

For Cinco de Mayo in Kdg. - Plastic egg maracas - plastic easter eggs, fill them with what you want (candy, beans, etc.) 2 plastic spoons, wrap in colorful duct tape or plain masking tape and hand decorate.

BOTTLECAP STAMPS  "I saw the bottle cap stamp idea on Pinterest and it was one of those moments like, "why didn't I think of this??"'s what you do to make one....are you's going to blow your mind...  put.the.sticker.on.the.cap  I told you it was going to blow your mind"  What an awesome idea!

BOTTLECAP STAMPS "why didn't I think of this?" Put the sticker on the cap, stamp on an ink pad, and stamp away. Different stamps to stamp homework!

juego de bolos con actimel:

Juego de Bolos con botellas de actimel

Create a bowling game from recycled actimel bottles and styropor balls

Sellos hechos con tapones de corcho y goma EVA | Aprender manualidades es

Sellos hechos con tapones de corcho y goma eva

Maceta Gatuna - BruDiy - Eco-friendly DIY

DIY The most adorable planters ever! : Maceta Gatuna - BruDiy Clicking on the photo takes you to a tutorial complete with templates on how to make these adorable kitty planters from recycled plastic pop (soda) bottles.