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the sewing machine is on top of the quilt
How to machine bind a quilt - beginner friendly quilting tutorial
the instructions for how to make an easy flying geese quilts and free onesheet
No Waste Flying Geese - Amy's Creative Side
All the details on making no waste flying geese, and how to customize to fit your quilt!
how to square up your fabric perfectly before cutting it into quilts and other projects
Perfectly Square Up Fabric Before Cutting
a woman is using a sewing machine to sew on a piece of fabric with the words, couching and sewing curves
Couching and Sewing Curves
Heather Thomas teaches you the proper technique for adding curvy couched fabric to your quilting projects. She walks you step by step through the whole process, demonstrating the easy-to-learn stitching techniques that you’ll need. By raising the edges of a design, this type of couching will make your pieces really pop!
a ruler with an arrow pointing to the right and a blue pen on top of it
Clever tips and tricks using a sewing gauge
a quilted wall hanging with many different designs on it
My First Double Wedding Ring Quilt
Double Wedding Ring tutorial. How to get the corner squares to line up nicely
how to repair a damaged quilt with text overlay that reads, how to repair a damaged quilt
How to Repair a Damaged Quilt - Darcy Quilts
the steps to making a scrappy quilt are shown in several different pictures and text
Shhh! It’s a secret. Tips for Making a Scrappy Quilt.
Looks like a fun & relaxing project. Shhh! It’s a secret. Tips for Making a Scrappy Quilt. | Southern Fabric
the words 5 steps to improve your quilt piecing acuacy on a brown background | Express Your Creativity!
5 Steps to Improving Your Quilt Piecing Accuracy
someone is making a green and white polka dot paper origami airplane with one hand
A Tutorial: French Binding...Ooh,la,la!
Best and easiest binding technique out there! Creating this pocket at the beginning means you don't have to be so precise in the length of the binding at the end. Tuck the end in the pocket, sew it down, and once it's folded over and hand sewn to the back, you can hardly tell where it joins!
the title for quilting chart and formulas, written in black on white paper
Quilt Charts and Formulas
Wonderful set of charts and formulas for quilting...very helpful, everything for reducing/enlarging blocks, standard quilt sizes for different beds, 1/2 square triangle measurements, number of squares (by size) from different yardages, etc.
a close up of a sewing needle and fabric
A little tutorial on making practically perfect points in quilt blocks
How to match points perfectly.
the best tips for all - machine binding quick and easy
My best tips for all machine binding
My best all machine binding tips for the quickest and easiest binding for your quilts. Joining binding tails and getting a perfectly mitered corner are also covered by Julie @ The Crafty Quilter.
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of paper next to some cut outs
DIY Fish Scale Tile - Kara Paslay Design
Learn how to make #DIY tiles in any shape you like — including fish scales! — with this shockingly simple tutorial.