Lapicera forrada / decorada tecnica marmolada (blanco y rosa)

Get creative with polymer clay and make these pretty pens. Great craft idea for a valentine party. Brought to you by Creative in Chicago www.

Tutorial paso a paso, Cómo hacer una planta de aloe vera con arcilla fría

Miniature Aloe Vera tutorial using cold porcelain, but you could use poly clay. Tutorial is in Spanish.

Arcoiris kawaii en arcilla polimérica / polymer clay

Huge Magical Polymer Clay Rainbow with Stars - Exclusively handmade, inspired by fairytale and magical elements. Polymer clay cloud and stars are glued on to the rainbow and can be removed if needed. Ideal for magical decoden, and other kawaii.

Emoji Polymer Clay Paperclip Bookmark/ Planner por MeowCharms

I will never use these as book marks because you run the risk of tearing the page. Dang but they are so cute!

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