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a wooden shelf with two shelves on top of it and a candle in the middle
If the idea is to build some DIY Bathroom Pallet Projects, you're in the exact right place. Embrace the catalog of what to make with pallets on
the top 10 clever ways to recycle oil drums
The Best Coloring Books for Adults - Coloring Book Zone
These ideas for recycling used oil drums will inspire you to try sone yourself! Turn something old into something spectacular.
a gray and red bucket with a black seat
Kozma Design Manufacturing - Furnitures, BBQ grills, NTD trailers, Vendor trailers, Automobiles
a table that has a candle on top of it
A Wood/pallet Crafted Clock Coffee Table!
I'm definitely going to make this for my outside table.... classic & rustic just the way I like it
a living room with a couch, table and lamp on the hardwood floor next to it
How to make a table top sign with a story
Con una tapa de barril o un extremo de una bobina también se pueden hacer mesas así.
three round tables and two chairs with porsche emblems on them, sitting next to each other
an old style white and orange fuel can with the word gulf on it's side
Chairs for sale | eBay
Excelente idea para asientos
a black and white chair sitting on top of a metal barrel with a hole in it
Old metal drum.