Crochet in garden

My brain is going now, thinking of planter pot covers. I'm going to start with mine, I have two ugly green plastic pots that would look lovely with a crocheted cream-colored lace cover.

yeeeee someone received today 2 lovely towels with pom poms on the edges ! love it :)

March I'm into pompom making, it's relaxing and empties the mind. These colorful pillows are fun, maybe this'll be my next pompom project.

IKEA Hackers: Crochet Seashell Lamps. I'm thinking this might actually be a good way to recycle old sweaters. Gonna have to give this a try.

Crochet Seashell Lamps

No idea what the instructions say because they're not in English, but the pics seem to be pretty self explanatory.. I'm intrigued :-)

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