diy notebook paper bags

These Valentine treat bags are quick, simple and inexpensive to make from regular school notebook papers. Make your own Valentine's Day paper treat bags.

Blacklight phone hack. - 9GAG - don't bother buying a blacklight flashlight when you are numbering invites... do this instead! money? SAVED!

Funny pictures about DIY Smartphone Black Light. Oh, and cool pics about DIY Smartphone Black Light. Also, DIY Smartphone Black Light photos.

2 Pictures in 1!! Amazing DIY!!!

Would be neat to do with a baby pic and a high school grad pic! From one angle you see one picture, and vice versa!

How to Make Wine Bottle Accent Lights, from

Make Wine Bottle Accent Lights

How to Make Wine Bottle Accent Lights. Everyone has seen white christmas lights adorning walls, adding a delicate touch of accent lighting to any area, but did you know you can make accent lights using empty wine bottles? Making your own.

Sencilla manualidad para hacer botes fosforocentes que podemos colocar en el cuarto de nuestros pequeños para alejar los miedos a la oscuridad.

Frascos mágicos fosforecentes

catch a bottle full of wishes

Recycle Recycle Recycle

wine bottle hat / coat rack For Joanne to see!

Cómo cortar una botella de vidrio con un hilo para hacer vasos - VeoVerde

Make a cup or a mug out of the first months beer budget Cut an old glass bottle and turn it into a mug. I've made a bottle glass before; clever idea to make it into a mug.

James Miller titanium solder clamp for sphere holding... Here's the actual link to these:

James Miller titanium solder clamp for sphere holding. Here's the actual link…