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Tips on Marker Blending with Tombow Brush Pens
A great way to create letter blending art is to blend marker on marker because you don’t need to have paintbrush/waterbrush and you don’t need to wait for it to dry. Here are some tips when doing Marker to Marker Blending with Brush Pens! Supplies: • Water Based Markers - I’m using Tombow Dual Brush Pens • Marker Paper or you can use Smooth Bristol Paper - I’m using Canson Marker Paper • Paper Towel • Optional: Fineliners or Gel Pens for details Tips: • Letter your word first with a light grey brush pen. When having a lettering guideline, it make’s it easy to do color blends because you’re essentially coloring in your letters. • One way to blend colors is to drag down a darker color with a lighter marker. As you see in the video, I used a light blue/purple marker to drag down th
Marker Or Brush Pen Blending Video Tutorial
How to do Perfect Calligraphy using Real Brush Pens
Who loves our bright and vibrant watercolor brush pens? 🌸👩‍🎨 They give you the freedom of a sleek, light-weight pen 😍
Learn How to Do Perfect Blending with Real Brush Pens
These real watercolor brush pens with flexible tips are designed to take the wonders of using a paintbrush but give you the freedom of a pen! 😎🖌️
a card with the words laugh, laugh and laugh written on it next to some crayons
Bauchgefühl Lettering mit dem STABILO Pen 68
Die liebe Moira hat sich die STABILO Pen 68 geschnappt und dieses tolle Lettering kreiert. Die Filzstifte können dank ihrer wasserbasierten Tinte ganz einfach aquarelliert werden. Dazu benötigt ihr nur einen Pinsel und etwas Wasser. Künstlerin: #stabilo #stabilodeutschland #stabilopen68 #pen68 #filzstift #pens #stifte #stabiloart #kreativ #creative #inspiration #kunst #art #bunt #colorful #lettering #handlettering #aquarell #wasservermalt #watercolor #inspo
a hand holding up a card with the words, begin again to your joy on it
a greeting card with the words, resilince of the heart is a beautiful beating thing
a notebook with some writing on it next to pens and paper clippings,
Lettering Karin Markers Decorite
a heart with the word love drawn on it surrounded by markers and crayons
some craft supplies are laying out on a purple surface with the words i must have flowers always
Peachtober 2020
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