Un toque de mosaiquismo | Está Bueno

Martin Alejo Mangeaud - Table top, stepping stone in a simpler design teal front door mosaic table

color & lines  Lotus by Glenys Fentiman

Glenys Fentiman The Fentiman Family for quality mosaic kits, glass feature triles for bathrooms, jewellery and classes on each of those topics.

For the Beudet Hospital, by Laurel True

True Mosaics Studio, Mosaic Courses and work by artist Laurel True Artist Specializing in: Architectural Mosaics, Commissions, Public Art, and Community Projects including The Global Mosaic Project.

Grandes cuencos de Mandala: Mano construida por agypsyteaparty

Large Mandala Bowls: Hand built carved kiln fired hand painted using acrylic and gouache paints and double resin glazed. AUD) by agypsyteaparty