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an image of a piece of food that is green
I don't like truth, ...EASTERN design office
Cross Section of a pine needle.
an image of the inside of a human cell with purple dots on it's surface
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Somebody tested positive for the love bug...
Tesla's got attitude! Jokes, Albert Einstein, Humour, Comedy, People, Film Quotes, Movie Quotes, Humor, Hilarious
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Tesla's got attitude!
an open notebook with handwritten text on the inside and in between it is a piece of paper that says, a phasist is an attempt by anatom to understand itself
I Heart Chaos - Just a Fun Gaming Resource
- Michio Kaku
the back cover of an ad for tonic bond, taken not shared by facebook users
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
I am such a nerd for finding this really funny.
a white cat wearing glasses and bow tie sitting in front of a blackboard with chemical symbols
CLT#53: Happy Mole Day! » Chemistry Blog
I've got Avogadro's number.
a man holding up a large red piece of art
We've made a mistake
Your DNA as Personalized Art. Awesome!!
two black and white goats running in the snow
genetics joke :)
a sign posted on a door stating that organic chemistry is where do you keep your chlorofom?
Comic Book
an image of a human heart with blood vessels attached to it and the caption reads, blood vessels in the human heart
The human heart stripped of fat and muscle, with just the angel veins exposed
The human heart stripped of fat and muscle