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Buenos Aires, Argentina  ·  I’m a writer. I write about business — and for businesses, plus a lot of my own stuff, including a blog of pretty funny stories on parenting.
Charles Newbery
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Dear Santa, I’ve not been too naughty this year

When my youngest daughter was contemplating what to write to Santa, honesty won.

4 Reasons You Should Own Bitcoin (And How To Use It)

Bitcoin emerged this year as the world’s fastest-growing asset, catching headlines in the media and generating buzz on social media.

Fight for your life because it escapes you minute after minute

My eldest daughter took off on a surf trip days before a trip to England, and I couldn’t have been happier.

The cost of living is so high in Argentina it’s hard to get by

When it comes to inflation, Argentina is not an easy place to manage your finances.

"You smell that?"

Morning breath is, well, morning breath, and there’s been lots of adverts for solutions over the years.

My autistic son’s speech is off-key, but I don’t care

There are times when you learn to cherish oddities like those of my autistic son, even if others may not.

You say phonograph, I say record player. My kids say, “What’s that?”

You say phonograph, I say record player.

When you try to be cool, it’s just that – trying

When you try to be cool, it’s just that – trying

Cool should never be a pursuit, except when the object is, well, Dad

My son has grown so much that his clothes are too small.

"Daytime is just so overrated."

"Daytime is just so overrated.

What nine-year-old girls say about boys

” It’s better to mess with them, bother them. That’s what my nine-year-old daughter and a friend agreed was best to do.