Diseños de acolchado

Advanced Embroidery Designs - Quilting Pattern Set II Could be designs carved patterns in clay.


épinglé par ❃❀CM❁✿would make a beautiful collar on a linen shirt. french blue or navy thread.

::ARTESANATO VIRTUAL - Tecnicas de Artesanato | Dicas para Artesanato | Passo a Passo::

Pennsylvania Dutch Pattern - reverse and alternate in series for embroidered border

STCI, coloriage pour adultes et enfants mandalas

pictures to color for the screen in the basement STCI, coloriage pour adultes et enfants mandalas

Motivo floral, risco bordado

Great for embroidering a tea towel or giving a border to a pillowcase or the edge of a scarf for for a book mark


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