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Helicosm / FREAKS freearchitects

Yea im definitely looking towards japanese architecture. They do so much with small spaces, and I prefer a small tight place most of the time. But that hallway is so design ideas design office

Inverted Warehouse-Townhouse / Dean-Wolf Architects

Inverted Warehouse-Townhouse / Dean-Wolf Architects

New York City-based studio Dean-Wolf Architects has completed the Inverted Warehouse-Townhouse project in This square foot five-story apartment (!) is located in a former warehouse townhouse in Tribeca, New York City, USA.

Mirrors are a focal point of any bathroom. Framing your mirror(s) not only accessorizes your mirror,  but also automatically updates the entire bathroom.   This also creates a style unique for that particular space.

Avant-Garde Updos At Zaha Hadid’s Pop-Up Hair Salon

bed room bedroom Guest room Fudge Pop-Up Hair Salon at London Design Week by Zaha Hadid / stair detail Merinda's room

A Movable Balcony | 36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home

idea >> Bloomframe® is an innovative window that morphs magically into a balcony at the touch of a button // amazing product!

The Sheung Wan Hotel from Hong Kong was designed by the Heatherwick Studio and built from scratch with an protruded exterior façade made of folded metal using the technology normally employed in making conditioning ducts and water tanks.

Sheung Wan Hotel - Hong Kong - by the Heatherwick Studio Built from scratch with an protruded exterior façade made of folded metal using the technology normally employed in making conditioning ducts and water tanks -

The Wall of Nishihara / SABAOARCH

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The 'Folio' Spiral Staircase Design Features a Flexible Folded Structure #design

Helical Plexiglass Steps

Italian studio Disguincio & Co has produced a concept for a spiral staircase with steps made from folds of fibreglass.The Folio Staircase by Pordenone-based practice Disguincio & Co would comprise a …

JuuL House / NKS Architects

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Built by NKS Architects in Yukuhashi, Japan with date Images by Kouji Okamoto. JUUL House, a two-generation residence designed by NKS Architects, sits adjacent to a river running through the subur.

interactive.....  'Light Form' by Francesca Rogers and Daniele Gualeni Design Studio

The Best Green Designs From Milan Design Week!

Light Form - Origami inspired, wall mounted light fixture designed by Francesca Rogers & Daniele Gualeni Design Studio

Commercial Interiors. Macquarie Group headquarters in Sydney. Meeting rooms over lobby. Architect: Clive Wilkinson.

Macquarie Bank / Clive Wilkinson Architects

Want to do this but I will make it all the way around whole circle not opened or half circle. do a grouping of different sizes all white or different colors. Try different color light bulbs?? yeah I'll see

Beautiful lamp shades - paint doilies (or leave them natural), cover in wallpaper paste and stick to a balloon. Wait for the dollies to dry (preferably overnight), pop the balloon. Et voila! Its a bowl.a decide.