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four different types of celtic symbols with the words earth air, spirit and fire water
Dominari in Timore (BrOhm) - Epilogue
a bird sitting on top of a man's head with an orange light in the middle
Free Halloween Tags
Big Brown Dog Primitives: Free Halloween Tags
a black bird flying through the air with it's wings spread
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a black bird standing on top of a dirt road next to grass and bushes with the words, the symbolism of crows and raven
Raven and Crow Symbolism and Meaning
Ravens and crows are so alike, yet different. They have interesting symbolic value and are such curious creatures. Read more about ravens and crows and what it means when you see them frequently.
the crow in irish mythology with text overlay
The Crow in Irish Mythology
the crow in irish mythology.
an odd shaped object is shown against a white background and appears to be in the shape of a bird
Celtic Raven Kilt Pin -- I pinned it for my friend who actually has a "pinning pins" board. :)