naturaleza!!!es muy bello!!!!!

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sunflowers and other wildflowers are growing in the grass near a tree
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a farm surrounded by trees with red leaves in the foreground and autumn foliage on the far side
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Autumn ~ Quintessential...
white flowers are blooming on a branch against a blue sky with words written below them
白梅 (white plum blossoms)
White Japanese apricot blossoms
three pink and white flowers in the grass
Spring 2013 EXPLORE
green leaves and buds on a tree branch
the beginning of spring
two birds sitting on top of a wooden fence in the snow next to a wagon wheel
Winter Cardinals from Jerry Yarnell
mushrooms growing out of a tree stump in the woods
Leave Shine a Light on me.....
Autumn Glory
a red barn surrounded by trees and leaves
the rolling hills and trees are painted in vibrant colors on this green field with blue sky
Red Barn
Red Barn . . .beautiful scene
a wheelbarrow filled with flowers in front of a house
Autumn Display I by Steven Ainsworth
Autumn Display I
an old wagon with flowers in it sitting next to a tree stump
afternoon light
Country Decor - Weathered Wagon
a potted plant filled with apples on top of a white table covered in leaves
kitchen flowers; kale and apples
a field full of pumpkins under a cloudy sky
Pumpkin Crossing
~~Pumpkin Crossing ~ Horizon series, autumn in Wisconsin by Phil-Koch~~
a white vase filled with yellow flowers sitting on top of a wooden stool in front of a painting
Kathrin Koschitzki – a mimosa story
♆ Blissful Bouquets ♆ gorgeous wedding bouquets, flower arrangements & floral centerpieces - yellow
a white pitcher sitting on top of a table next to pine cones and a candle
Keeping it simple
Fall decor
an autumn tree with yellow leaves in front of a house
Autumn Antiques
beautiful Fall leaves
an image of autumn trees in the rain
an old tree in the middle of a park with fall leaves on it's branches
Japanese Maple Jujitsu
.So gorgeous.
a tree that is sitting in the water with leaves on it's branches and yellow foliage
an orange tree in the middle of a park with water reflecting it's leaves
Reflection - Very cool photo blog
an old barn in the middle of a field surrounded by trees with fall foliage on it
It'sOnlyNatural by kathy
autumn trees are reflected in the water
a painting of a bridge over a river surrounded by trees with yellow leaves on it
Swearingen Funeral Home
an aerial view of a river surrounded by trees in the fall with orange, yellow and red leaves
A River Runs Through It
the mountain is covered in red leaves as it sits behind some trees with orange foliage
a pond surrounded by trees with orange and yellow leaves
First Fall Color Reflections
First Fall Color beautiful!!
the colorful trees are reflected in the water
Fall foliage
Autumn Splendor
some pink flowers are growing out of an old wooden fence, in front of a blue door
the white flowers are blooming in the garden
Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley
the sun shines through the trees and leaves on the water's surface as it reflects
Forest reflection
Forest reflection
three colorful flowers with green stems and yellow centers in the foreground, against a blue background
Echeveria feeling so sad (EXPLORED 10-15)
a bicycle with flowers on the front is parked in front of a window
Having a Nice Weekend?
overtaken by the beauty #splendidsummer
several white and blue flowers with green leaves
All Newest - pixdaus
happy birthday card with purple flowers and grass
Dying of cute
Pretty Purple
red and white flowers with green leaves in the foreground, surrounded by other plants
Gladiolia 'Zizanie'
a dirt path in the middle of bluebells
Shells on the beach
Bluebell Wood
the path is lined with purple flowers and trees that are covered in spanish mossy branches
Azaleas and Live Oaks at Magnolia Plantation Gardens by Dustin K Ryan
✮ Azaleas and Live Oaks at Magnolia Plantation Gardens - Charleston, SC
snow covered trees lining a path in the middle of a forest with no leaves on them
The most wonderful time of the year.
Snow - Snow - Snow