Como se hace una flor. Tutorial. También para bordado con cinta

Stitch Fun: Daisy Stitch in Two Colors, Take Two

English knot instead of French knot. makes a true knot instead of a donut shaped knot.

My Sweet Prairie: - - - Saturday Stitches - - - A Colonial Knot (like a French Knot, but wrapping the needle in a figure eight)

L.O.V.E. embroidery pattern

Pattern for a quilt, (pillow). I have made the applique by using a "normal sewing machine". Sorry, that I added these same photos again.

Nudo francés

What I Did While Waiting ….

French knot embroidery: Would like to make an "Earth" with this technique. I especially like this persons idea of the earth

3D embroidery flowers

Beautiful stitch Easy Craft Ideas embroidered flowers + tons of other embroidery how toos Should you have a passion for arts and crafts an individual will enjoy this cool site!

hand embroidery

Simple, beautiful heart for any the beading but one could use knots or pastel tiny flower buttons for faster finish///hand embroidery

Woven leaf embroidery

Let's learn embroidery: Kamal kadai, which originated in India, and which involves lines and weaving. An interesting technique for your next hand embroidery project.

Diccionario de puntos de bordado

Diccionario de puntos de bordado

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