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Cecilia Clemente
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tr-i-life:    Pregnancy & Vitamins

Guide to vitamins during pregnancy. From Evening Primrose Oil for stretch marks, to Omega 3 for fetal brain development. I take so many vitamins everyday. Especially Omega 3 fatty acids. I did all those:) no stretch marks and a smart baby


The symptoms may be silent. Diabetes is a disease that damage without obvious clinical signs and symptoms. It’s a disease that slowly and relentlessly affects every organ in your body while not alw…


Fresh blueberry pudding cake is so good with ice cream on top. Blueberry pudding cake makes a great dessert your family and friends will love. Blueberries are one of my favorite foods and they are …

Lemon Ricotta Crepes

Lemon Ricotta Crepes - Tender crepes filled with a rich, lemon ricotta filling and topped with a quick berry compote.