Manualidad con niños: crear un Cuento piedra

Manualidad con niños: crear un Cuento piedra (Fiestas y Cumples)

story stones, hand-painted rocks, childrens literacy, art stones, tell me a story. Cool new idea. Everywhere you go find a stone. Gather the stone(s) and when you get back home paint them to match the memories!

Manualidades con pinzas de madera. Es una actividad artística que fomenta el reciclaje y la autonomía personal. Los niños pueden construir sus juguetes a partir de utensilios comunes.

6 manualidades con pinzas de madera

12 Ideas DIY Con palitos de helado

12 Ideas DIY Con palitos de helado

I love all the clothes pin crafts that are found at Best Clothes Pin Crafts. So many of the ideas will be great fun to do with the kids, or many of the projects are crafts that the kids can do alone.

piñata casera cumpleaños 1 año como hacer

It lasted just long enough for every kid to get a few good whacks, and the birthday boy to crack it open!

Tarjeta cumple con globos - Tarjeta de cumpleaños

You don't have to be an artistic genius to create a fun handmade card. In honor of World Card Making Day we are bringing you 5 simple card ideas to celebrate any holiday!

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