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cecilia barros

cecilia barros
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Madeleine, Carson Ellis, 2002, pen and ink, 11” x 9.25”  [CD booklet illustration for Castaways and Cutouts by The Decemberists]

Madeleine - Carson Ellis Probably ripped this off at some point Bikes are not easy to draw

Helveticat @rae underhill Hi

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Bethany Lekos has created a very cute typeface, named ‘Helveticat,’ that forms the letters of the alphabet with a cat’s tail. It features an adorable pointy-eared, whiskered feline that has an incredibly flexible tail.

Draw an elephant

Draw an elephant. Note: This is a hybrid of the Asian and African elephant. Ears are African elephant (Asian elephant has smaller ears). Back is an arch like Asian elephant. (African elephant has a dip in the back). Impress your kids.draw and elephant.