#Regal für #Bücher aus einzelnen #Elementen / #book #shelf that consists of seperate #elements

Idea per una bellissima libreria


Modern colorful living room with two bookshelves and modern fireplace.

Library - this one looks really cosy

Interior Design for the Professoriate: place books on shelf. place chair next to books. place lamp next to chair. repeat until house is full.


Modular Storage Shelving System Furniture Design Cubit by Mymito

MUUTO - by petra bindel

Shop the Stacked Shelving System, versatile modular shelving that lets you create a storage unit to fit your particular space and style. Units can be randomly stacked or coordinated into a grid.

TREND - HOEKIG Studio-loft

studio-loft (Méchant Design)

Books on the floor & space of this room, light, and this window are magnificent!


A Natural Christmas at the Ralph Lauren Mansion New York City: Vintage Libraries, Interiors

Splashes of yellow with pretty pastels

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Best DIY Furniture & Shelf Ideas 2017 / 2018 Muuto Stacked Shelf Wishlist -Read More -


Bookshelves: Vintage Inspiration Ideas To Save Space For Tiny Room With A Traditional Bookcase And Open Shelves Interior Different Material And Sideboards And Baskets With Rug, Modern Living Room Design, Wall Decoration

55 Ideas de cómo aprovechar y ahorrar espacio en el hogar

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces : Apartment Living I've always loved the idea of wrapping the couch in bookcases to create storage and a sleeker anchor point for the rest of the room.

Home Decor - huge bookcase! I need to persuade my parents to do this instead of having all their books in the cupboard!

There are many options to use exposed brick walls in the interior design to give a different style and look. Here are 19 stunning interior brick wall ideas.

I want a window seat with shelves underneath.... Oh honey, here's another to add to the list!

How to Outfit Your Home to Help Your Kids' Study Habits


Beci & Raph's Most Excellent Make & Do Adventure — House Tour | Apartment Therapy

Beci & Raph's Art-Filled Home in Australia

Ikea Bookshelf Room Divider: Beci & Raph's Most Excellent Make & Do Adventure — House Tour

Apartamento nos Jardins em São Paulo | por Maurício Arruda

designed by Mauricio Arruda

bookshelves lined with grasscloth for office

A Kansas Home Filled with Color and Pattern

bookshelves lined with grasscloth

Haws W / Kraus Schoenberg Architects    This is totally what we want to build over a staircase and use the gap for a window!

Great interior architecture by Haws W / Kraus design and decoration house design design office design