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a wooden cross with a light hanging from it's side in front of a street sign
Best lamp post material, What is a lamp post made of and how to choose?
two pictures showing the same planter in front of a house, one with trees growing out of it
24 Colorful Outdoor Planters for Winter & Christmas Decorations
a light that is on top of a post in the grass near bushes and trees
Portland Pendant Hanging Lantern
a white lamp post in front of a house with wooden garage doors and two large windows
Hammond Lantern Post with Beacon Lantern Harwichport, MA
a picnic table set up with plates and place settings on it, surrounded by greenery
These Are the Cutest and Most Creative Ways to Hang Your Backyard String Lights this Summer
a potted plant sitting on the side of a sidewalk next to a pole with lights hanging from it
DIY Planter Posts for String Lights – Backyard Patio Ideas