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three chocolate cookies are stacked on top of each other
Soft and Chewy Dark Chocolate Sugar Cookies - The Baker Upstairs
a cake with white frosting and pink sprinkles on top sitting on a glass plate
Delicious White Chocolate Cranberry Cake - Cake by Courtney
a white cake with frosting and sprinkles on it sitting on a plate
Black Walnut Cake - Festive Christmas Cake Recipe
a white frosted holiday eggnog cake with cranberries on top
Eggnog Cake
a white frosted cake decorated with trees and snowflakes on it's side
Creative Christmas Cake Ideas for a Memorable Holiday Dessert
a piece of cheesecake on a plate with raspberries and whipped cream topping
Sweetened Condensed Milk Cranberry Cheesecake
7h 0m
a white cake with red and gold stars on the top is decorated like a christmas tree
a white knitted hat sitting on top of a gold plate
a white cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles
Peppermint Bark Cake
1h 30m
a slice of cake with white frosting and cranberries on top
Chocolate Cranberry Christmas Cake - Baker by Nature
a pan filled with frosted cake next to christmas tree branches and cinnamon stick decorations
Eggnog Tres Leches Cake | URBAN BAKES
a red velvet cake with white frosting and chocolate sprinkles on top
Red Velvet Holiday Bread