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So cute
this is marriage😂
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Every ultrasound appointment I've ever been to.
an image of a little boy on facebook
15 Memes That Were Ruined By Their Own Captions
an image of the wizard in harry potter's house with caption that reads, you
"VOU ALREADY HAVEAN ACCOUNT" rebloggin' cause that is the actual look on my face when that happens trying out passwords - iFunny
the star wars movie scene with text that reads, in your opinion, what's the height of stupidly?
this is why he went dark side
star wars memes that are very funny
63 FRESH MEMES FOR TODAY #165 – FunnyFoto
an image of two people in the same room, one is talking to each other
Qui-Gon, about Anakin: bring Qui-Gon's Force Ghost, watching Anakin slaughter the entire Jedi order: - iFunny
four different pictures of the same character in star wars with caption that reads,'is actually a cinnamon roll actually kill you looks like a cinnamon roll looks like they could kill kill kill kill kill
the mandalorian cara dune | Tumblr
an image of baby yoda and the caption that says, saying baby yoda is
54 Funny Memes Perfect For The Weekend