Duplet Magazine #103 - Romanian Point Lace crochet

Must learn how to do Romanian Point Lace crochet. Free instructions from a Duplet magazine.

Free crochet sweater cardigan pattern that includes tutorials and pictures to help from Mama In A Stitch

Are you on the hunt for a Crochet Pullover Sweater Pattern? We have a collection of all the best ideas with loads of free patterns.

Crochet Chaleco Circular with Free Pattern

Crochet Pretty Circle Jacket with Pattern

Crochet jackets are not only warm and cozy, but also pretty. If you are a fan of crochet, why not crochet a circle jacket?

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Es un Mundo Amigurumi:Sweet bunny with flowers. Free pattern (use translator)

Lace Jewelry, Heart Patterns, Crochet Dresses, Lace Trim, Venice, Altered Art, Ivory

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