Imágenes de uñas pintadas fáciles - Belleza y Peinados

Polka dots on black nails.tried to do this with my regular method for making polka dots (a round push pin top) and the dots turned out too big.

uñas pintadas con esponja

white base nail + three neon colors on an acetate/plastic sheet + makeup sponge + nail polish remover around the cuticles = gradient nails! (site is in french, this is the summation in english) summer nails!

If only it was this easy

A England – Ascalon // Découverte d’un Dreampolish

another nail art with scotch tape idea.cute idea if i liked my finger nails painted.mayb 4 my toes

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Geometric tips nail art: three color colour design: mint green, white and navy blue squares 2013