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Rosemary Jelly recipe - From Lakeland

This Peach and Amaretto Jam is the perfect accompaniment to toast, scones or pancakes. Make a batch, fill some Kilner jars and stock up for the season. A Kilner jar of Peach and Amaretto jam will also make a great gift.

.I want one!!

Make a Shark Spoon Holder! Love this! Handmade Spoon Monster - Celadon by Claymonster Pottery. Love to adapt my clay monster lesson for this!

denise romecki art | Denise Romecki Ceramic Sculpture

Like artists Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker, Denise Romecki finds inspiration for her sculptures in cresting waves. The big difference is that, while DeSom

Penny Evans, " Design work on my ceramics reference my Kamilaroi/Goomeroi cultural heritage in combination with my unique and evolving graphic style. The technique of sgraffito is a strong feature of the ware and links to Kamilaroi/Goomeroi men’s traditions of carving into tree, weapons, utensils as well as ground carving for ceremonial purposes, communications and storytelling. 2D mixed media works examine more recent histories as opposed to narratives connecting culture to country."

Penny Evans, " Design work on my ceramics reference my Kamilaroi/Goomeroi… LOVE LOVE LOVE this ! could do a paper mache bowl and paint this pattern on it since I don't do pottery

Origami Bottle Label

Clara Lindsten - Origami Beer “It is a common phenomenon that people, in nervous situations, scratch off the label of their beer bottle. Origami label is about making something constructive out of.