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four white buckets filled with flowers on top of a table
Meet The Fashion Set's New Favorite Flower Service
Meet New York's Fashionable Flower Service Landeau - Landeau Roses Delivery NYC
a large pink flower with the word dalia on it's back end and bottom corner
Odds & Ends: Spring Flower Guidea
pink flowers blooming on the side of a tree
Franny loves
Flowers, NYC, photographed by Frances Tulk-Hart
some very pretty flowers in the middle of a field with grass and trees behind them
a wooden box filled with lots of purple and orange flowers
Friday Favorites
the sun shines brightly behind a flowering tree
April showers bring May flowers... #spring
a bunch of purple and red flowers in a pile
Photo Diary: My Adventures in India
Photo Diary: My Adventures in India
pink peonies are displayed in glass vases
pretty pretty peonies! #flowers
purple and white flowers in a gold vase on a table next to a framed painting
Purple spring blooms
pink peonies and green apples in a vase on a wooden table with water
A Rosy Note