Bohemian Chic Style are rich in patterned fabrics, colorful walls and have been a decorating style going back to Gypsy culture of the late century and the Bloomsbury Group in the early century in England,

kid''s room

This color mix in the interior is for those, who are not scared of bright colors! - Modern Interior and Decor Ideas

Doily Lampshade!

DIY Dyed Doily Lampshades Riddell More of your starchy weird balloon yarn stuff

Love the colours in the wallpaper

Shawn Colvins bedroom with the chiang mai dragon in mocha; Im doing my dining room in the aqua color-way. The wallpapers a splurge; but Im getting all my furniture from fleas and estate sales.

Apartamento compacto de 47 m² ganhou reforma econômica - Casa

Apartamento compacto de 47 m² ganhou reforma econômica

The architect Cristiane Dilly chosen for this small dinner room these chairs solid wood upholstered with a charming floral print. Look at the wall clock and also in wine cellar that holds the space beside the refrigerator. Photo: My House