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a woman standing in front of a microphone giving the peace sign
a woman standing in front of a palm tree with her hands on her chest and looking up
La presidenta de los 40 millones de Argentinos .
a man and woman standing next to each other
a man hugging another person in front of a large group of flags and confetti
Nestor Christina Kirchner
a woman sitting at a table in front of a painting on the wall behind her
a woman standing in front of a portrait on the wall next to a stair railing
Cristina y Néstor
a man in a suit and tie making the peace sign
Inés ⭐⭐⭐ on Twitter
a woman pointing at something with her finger
two people sitting next to each other at a table
Los motivos de la denuncia que acusa a Cristina Fernández de la muerte de Néstor Kirchner
Cristina y Néstor.
an older man and woman are looking at each other's foreheads as they stand close together
Néstor y Cristina
an older man and woman smiling at each other's eyes while looking into the distance
Néstor y Cristina
a woman in white coat and black pants standing on stage with her hand up to her face
Cristina Kirchner
a woman's face with green and blue paint splatters around her
eva peron (evita) Photo: evita
eva peron
an image of two people painted on the side of a building