Megalodon shark

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Shark Week is nearly over, and we aren't going to let an opportunity to post funny shark pictures pass us by. Shark Facts, Beautiful Sea Creatures, Hammerhead Shark, Shark Shark, Mega Shark, Smosh, Ocean Life, Marine Life, Under The Sea

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Did you know? The ocean gets its saltiness from the tears of misunderstood sharks who just want to cuddle.

Megalodon sharks lived about to 28 million years ago in the Cenozoic Era. People think that the Megalodon is still out there and many think it's extinct. Out in the ocean is searched. They say if Megalodons still exist they live really deep. Megalodon Shark, Creepy Facts, Wtf Fun Facts, Creepy But True, Creepy Things, Random Facts, Water Photography

Nope. That "shark" isn't biting and neither am I. The Discovery Channel got smacked for a "documentary" claiming the megalodon still lived. That bandwagon lost its wheels, and someone tried to jump on it anyway.

The terrifying image of a smiling great white shark emerging from the water is part of a stunning series of pictures taken by marine biologist and photographer Chris Perkins in Gansbaii in South Africa Shark Bait, Shark S, Shark Week, Orcas, Scary Animals, Smile Images, Delphine, Deep Blue Sea, Water Life

Photographer captures terrifying image of smiling great white shark | Great white shark, White sharks, Shark