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Chefs du Clan de l'Ombre

I said I wouldn't do another one of these in a long time, it has been a while but Ill say that I did it because I wanted to So here is another batch of warrior cat leaders! I chose Windclan to do n.

Tigerstar's mates and kin by on @DeviantArt

Ferncloud and Dustpelt Spiderleg Shrewpaw Birchfall Hollykit and Larchkit Icecloud and Foxleap Warriors (c) Erin Hunter art (c) by me

Warrior Cats Group Tired of your cats spraying? Click here to learn how to put a stop to it.

XD he's called Scourge bro. But that's ok I used to call him scourge pronounced like scorge (because it's kinda like Skerj but everyone has their opinions Idc XD)

Gift Bundle: 3 by RiverSpirit456 on DeviantArt

This is a commission from Characters: Icepaw (white she-cat, red eyes), and Lilydart (white she-cat, green eyes) Story: Story: Icepaw is par.

Gifts Bundle: 2 by RiverSpirit456 on DeviantArt

Finished these ones so why not post em? I'll send the single files to the owners of the characters.