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stone steps leading up to a grassy area with two lanterns on each side and green grass in the background
Retaining Wall Ideas: A Diverse Gallery of Designs
a man is working on a stone wall
7 Tips for a Beautiful Brick and Stone Exterior
an outdoor patio with stone walls and steps leading up to a gazebo in the background
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a green chair sitting on top of a stone walkway next to a lush green park
16 Delicate Garden Landscaping Design Ideas Using Rocks Stone - lmolnar
a stone wall in the middle of a yard with grass and rocks around it, surrounded by trees
2012 Landscaping - Traditional - Landscape - Minneapolis - by Friedges Landscaping | Houzz
stone steps lead up to an open door
there is a stone wall and steps in the yard
Retaining Rock Wall Ideas for a Sloped Yard - Happy Haute Home