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Great photos happen when the ordinary becomes the extraordinary through the lens of a camera. These photos are the ones that really grab me through color…
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Animals beautiful

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Thanks to the photographer for capturing something so wonderful

Beautiful birds

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Dog and Baby. If this doesn't melt your heart, nothing will.
Fabulous composition, priceless moment.

Dogs and babies

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a group of men in suits and ties posing for a photo with the caption
a close up of a person with rings on his hands and smiling at the camera
Boston Celtics on Twitter
Boston Celtics on Twitter: "An all-time winner, teammate and person 💚" / Twitter
a brown and white horse with long hair
Photography, Portrait, Figure Photography, Fotografia, Fotografie, Blur Photography, Motion, Resim
Redirect Notice | Motion blur photography, Motion photography, Blur photography
many pink roses are arranged together in this close up photo
many purple roses are arranged together
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a close up view of the center of a purple rose with water droplets on it
macro flower
an image of a betta fish on twitter
an orange and white siamese fish floating in the water with it's tail curled up
Canvas Prints to Match Any Home's Decor | Society6
two zebras standing next to each other on a field with blue sky in the background
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a vase filled with lots of flowers on top of a wooden table next to a green wall
Wildflowers (And Vases) for Spring
an image of a woman with black skin and blue dress on the cover of magazine
Andrew Yee Flashes Crystal Noreiga & Krusha Lamar In 'All That Glitter' For Hunger Magazine #13 — Anne of Carversville