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Exercise & mobility for beginners, seniors and more on Instagram: "Showing you how to use exercise to… ✅ build confidence ✅ progress safely & effective toward fitness goals ✅ improve strength & balance  ✅ live a quality life  Exercise doesn’t have to be scary or intense 🙏🏻 Here’s an example of how simple and convenient exercise can be  Send to a friend and get started today!  Now is the time to start 👇🏻 ⚡️Code MARCH30 for 30% off programs and challenges ⚡️7-Day FREE trial of our membership program"
Jillian | Virtual Pilates Instructor on Instagram: "📌 SAVE this for later! Pilates wasn’t meant to be chunked into 3 sets of 12 or have one “magic exercise” that cures everything BUT integrating exercises like this into your regular Pilates routine can help immensely! Ready for the REAL Pilates experience? @hbpilates app is launching soon and I’m giving one lucky person the opportunity to enjoy one year of membership, FREE. Anyone who joins my VIP list will not only be the first to know when the app is ready but they will be automatically entered. Comment VIP (all caps, no spaces below) and I’ll message you the invite to join my VIP list! 🫶🏻 #pilatesathome #pilatesmatwork #pilatesworkout #virtualpilates #kneepainrelief #hipstrength #glutestrength #gluteworkouts"
Betsy | Core Strength for Moms on Instagram: "Everyone knows you need balance ⚖️ But what exactly does this mean for your hip? When strength and/or mobility are unevenly distributed, some muscles do more of the work. This generally perpetuates the imbalance.  Imbalances in the hip can occur in any plane of motion, but when it exists in the side-to-side plane, it often impacts continence. 💦 This simple test can help you understand your hip function: 👉🏽 Place your hands at the top of your pelvis. When standing on 2 legs, your hands should be even. Next, pick up 1 foot.  ❓What happens? 👉🏽 If your pelvis tilts AWAY from the leg you’re standing on, you need more gluteus medius strength (and possibly more inner thigh mobility.) 👉🏽 If your pelvis tilts TOWARD the leg you’re standing on, you need more inner thigh strength (and possibly more glute medius mobility.) Ideally, you want your pelvis to stay level on 1 foot or 2. How did you do? - Follow @mamamadestrong to rebuild your core and love your body after babies. Grab the link in my bio to try out my online program for free. I teach you to problem solve your own body and com back stronger than you ever were.  #tighthips #hippain #hippainrelief #hippainsucks #happyhips #pelvicfloorrehab #pelvicfloordysfunction #pelvicfloorfitness #kegel #kegels"
Jillian Hardwick on Instagram: "📌 SAVE this for later! Tightness ≠ more stretching. There’s a common misconception that if something is tight we should stretch it. But often times that is not the case. What we often need is strengthening and/or stability to support the joint that feels tight. ___ PSST- ready to start your Pilates journey?! @hbpilates app is launching soon!!! Comment VIP (all caps no spaces) below and I’ll invite you to join my VIP list so you can be the first to know when it’s ready! One person from the VIP list will be selected for one year of membership… free! 🥰🫶🏻 #pilatesmat #pilatesmatwork #tighthips #matpilatesclass #pilatesathome #pilatesworkout #virtualpilates #hipstretches #hipstretch"
Moore Wellness on Instagram: "Anyone who sits a lot can benefit from this stretch. It’s especially helpful if you struggle with sciatic nerve issues or you have a tight lower back due to stuck SI joints. This technique helps the deep hip rotator muscles, including the piriformis and super gemellus, relax and stabilize to alleviate pressure on your spine and/or SI joint(s). FOLLOW TO RELAX YOUR BODY!  #mobility #sciaticarelief #selfcare #stretching"
Petra Genco on Instagram: "If your thighs have gone wobbly, you need to get them moving again! Try these beginner exercises, you can do this workout from anywhere!  #fitness #over40 #menopause #workout #homeworkout #weightloss #loseweight #beginnerworkout #weightlossinspiration"
Petra Genco on Instagram: "If you are a complete beginner and you want to start losing your bat wings then give these BEGINNER EXERCISES a go. Remember to follow a healthy diet as well as doing these exercises to see the best results!  #fitness #weightloss #loseweight #armworkout #homeworkout #beginnerworkout #over40"