picture perfect

Kayla here is an idea to use that huge fram for: Baby Pictures Baby Pictures

petal pusher

Have an old bicycle laying around? Here are some Bicycle Planter Ideas you can create and add to your yard or garden.

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Valentines Quote print, typographic poster, black and white art, inspirational quote, you plus me equals awesome via Etsy.

I love you because you are hot

Feeling alive and happy with someone you deeply love :) by harriet

Looking for your wedding color palette? The Perfect Palette wants to help! The Perfect Palette is dedicated to helping you see the many ways you can use color to bring your wedding to life.

cute dance

slow dancing in the living room-pretty much one of my favorite things in the world but to our own music we recorded together? Pinch me! I love you.

cute face

No pouty face for you for you are going to sleep well tonight! Do as many of these things you can with the time you have left of today (and by all means tomorrow is a new day, right)?

to type

1 - Keep a one-sentence journal. 2 - Start writing my-kus. 3 - Write a description. 4 - Create a quote book. 5 - Send a letter. 7 - Draft a story.