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Screen-free and hands-on activities to teach coding for preschool and kindergarten. Play board games, make binary code jewelry, and invent secret spy codes. Coding for kids is easy and fun!

Easily teach kids binary using a free binary app and fun binary puzzles! Kids learn and practice binary in a fun, creative, and hands-on way.

(*** - New Android/iPhone game is taking the world by storm! ***) This one is my favorite for spring fling

Make your own computer coding game without a computer. Learn basic computer coding skills with a fun superhero computer coding game you can make!

Computer Coding Game No Computer Needed Superhero Activity - teaching kids about coding offline

Superhero computer coding game STEM activity no computer needed to learn some basic computer coding skills! Great kindergarten STEM activity to learn computer coding.

The Character Studio generates fully animated characters that can bring your coding projects to life. With a line-up of over 60 pre-made characters that can walk, talk, run, attack, defend, jump and dance, the Character Studio is a never-ending source of fun.

Tynker makes it fun and easy to learn computer programming. Get started today with Tynker's easy-to-learn, visual programming course designed for young learners in through grades.

Get your little one on the right track with these fun and educational STEM apps.

Not free, but for those girls interested in science these are great Apps, problem solving whilst having fund rescuing Robots etc. If they are going to be on the computer, better it be science I reckon.

Coding is a fun and engaging way for students to build their critical thinking and problem solving skills. This coding resource is full of different unplugged coding activities for students to complete. There are four different activities for students to complete with different versions of the game boards for easy differentiation.

Coding without technology! These unplugged coding activities are perfect for elementary students to build their critical thinking and problem solving skills.