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an open book showing information about the different types of objects on it's cover
Branded Interactions Brainstorming Process Infographic Examples - Venngage Infographic Examples
Infografias Creativas, Tipos Infografias, Ejemplos Infografias - Branded Interactions Brainstorming Process Infographic Examples // Branded Interactions Process Infographic Example
an old book with black and white images on it's cover, titled field & co
Rodchenko, trabajos
a man in a suit and tie with an airplane above his head, surrounded by other objects
an old poster with the words construct and power
Constructivismo ruso Lo que me interesa de esta es como trabajan la jerarquizacion, las direcciones y el contraste.
a poster with the letters r and h in blue on it's back side
Poster – Graphik
a poster with yellow letters on it
Amnesty a la rage de vaincre
Amnesty a la rage de vaincre
an info sheet with the words humano written in yellow and black on top of it
Echa un vistazo a mi proyecto @Behance: \u201cTipo + Imagen - Longinotti\u201d https://www.behance.net/gallery/54184889/Tipo-Imagen-Longinotti
a drawing of a submarine with the letter j on it
Kacper H. Kiec
an image of a man standing in the middle of a field
Ilustraciones Geométricas
Ilustraciones Geométricas (5)
two men in suits and hats walking together
a man sitting in front of a bottle and an object on top of his head
Censored Eye Collages
Censored Eye Collages : Alec Goss
the letters and numbers are drawn with black ink on a white background, each letter has different shapes
Graphic Design Bot