979 Sq. Ft. Small Family Cabin

This two-level cabin or F House is 979 sq. ft and certainly big enough for a small family. The outdoor patio provides extra space for gathering with family and friends. The design is minimalist mix.

Baos revestidos de cemento pulido

Baños revestidos con cemento pulido

As huge Vola fans and lovers of orange and concrete, this is what we like to see! If you like this you will love our worktop with green Vola tap!

¿Qué es una passivhaus? La arquitecta Silja Molist nos explica el estándar y los puntos claves de estas casas que cada vez más podemos encontrar en España. Equivalen a una vivienda con calificación energética A.

Edifici a Energia Quasi Zero: Passivhaus vs Edifici a Energia Zero