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This note pouch is absolutely perfect for organization! The pouch contains numerous pockets to hold office supplies like stationery, iPad storage, engineering & letter size paper + so much more!


I absolutely ADORE Marinette. She is an amazing example to the target audience and I love how they made her smart and humbl but not perfect. The characters are so well thought out!

Sigueme y veras mas andale!!

My organized planner corner for EC notebooks, my current planner, and leather planners I've collected over the years. I really think displaying them in a nice way helps me to utilize and rotate through them.

Miraculous Ladybug esto esperando la segunda temporada

Miraculous Ladybug Guys I'm crying of they don't end up together I will break into the animation studio draw myself with Adrien and post it to the world my bitches.

DIY Household Cleaners // #cleaners #diy #home #goodful #hacks

DIY Household Cleaners // #cleaners #diy #home #goodful #hacks