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an empty room with a light on the ceiling
Lichtleiste "QL011" | VLD Trade GmbH
Lichtleiste "Wiesemann QL011" - Stuckleiste für indirekte Beleuchtung (aus hochfestem Polyurethan)
an empty room with wood flooring and white trimming on the walls, along with a sign that reads 1 / 4
Skirting board lighting
an old - fashioned telephone sits on top of a table with a lamp in the corner
Vintage Rotary Telephone Lamp
Telephone lamp Más
a violin lamp sitting on top of a wooden table next to a guitar and other musical instruments
Night Lights for sale | eBay
We then converted it into this magnificent lamp you see before you, the Violin is attached to a polished piece of black wood and comes compete with an on/off switch half way up the ample white flex to the 3 pin plug.
a blue violin sitting on top of a white pedestal in front of a stone wall
Wow! Love this light!
four different angles of the ceiling with light coming from it's top and bottom
Innenraum-Wandleuchten online kaufen | eBay
Polystyrol Stuckleiste Lichtprofile LED indirekte Beleuchtung Hartschaum 2M-12M
three potted plants are sitting in front of some lights on the wall behind them
#Lampe aus #Altholz sorgt für indirektes Licht. Beso...
5 Likes - Entdecke das Bild von Woodesign auf COUCHstyle zu '#Lampe aus #Altholz sorgt für indirektes Licht. Beso...'.
an empty room with three lights on the wall and four different flooring options in front of it
Temperaturas de luz
an overhead view of a light fixture with measurements for the beam and strip lights on it
Foso luz indirecta