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an empty room with two sculptures in it
an empty hallway with white walls and columns
the inside of a large building with lots of windows and plants in front of it
a person walking down a hallway next to a wall covered in wooden slat panels
首发|集艾 x 新城:兼顾岭南风情的海派东方!【环球设计2186期】
an empty room with white walls and marble flooring is seen in this image, there are two couches on either side of the hall
GH Hotel
an empty hotel lobby with wooden walls and elevators
MUJI HOTEL GINZA 宿泊記|エレベータホール|ELV hall
a man walking his dog through an open hallway in front of a wall with colorful stripes on it
Touchstone Corporation, Tilt 49: Amazon LowFlyingHawk - Work - ZGF
a person walking in an empty building with white walls and ceiling tiles on the wall
Elevator hall entrance design, wall design, wall wood panelling, black floor marble, waiting room, interior design of residental complex in Florida, rails ceiling, ceiling design decoration, open space deign, interior ideas, black elevator design
Elevator hall design & entrance to residental complex
an open elevator with the words digital sculpture holographic vision