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three men dressed in historical clothing posing for a photo
two men wearing white hats and suspenders in front of a group of other men
an old drawing of a man standing next to a large barrel and holding a cane
Shqiptar i Epirit 1812 An Albanian of Epir 1812
Albanian, 1875 Warriors, Century Uniforms, East Europe, Culture
Albanian, 1875
Albanian, 1875
three men dressed in period costumes posing for a photo
Costumes Around The World, Late Middle Ages, Greek Culture, Napoleonic Wars, Old City, Albania
Fustanella Arbrore_Dardane
Vogue, Roman, Greek Men, Greek Tradition, Greek Clothing
a map of italy showing the different types of dialects and their corresponding ones
Albania - Wikipedia
a map showing the location of different countries
SB Language Maps on
Languages of Albania